SPIn, Secure Payment Interface

Turnkey API. One-and-done code. Fast and secure integration.

It's simply integrated magic.

Payment Solutions

SPIn integration offers ISVs access to a range of features, including Dejavoo’s full line of POS terminals and support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This semi-integrated solution is out of PCI scope for the ISV. Dejavoo maintains PCI compliance and all security protocols.. Dejavoo is host platform agnostic with full EMV certifications with all the major processing platforms.


This turnkey API supports various interface options, including REST API, JSON, and XML protocols.


SPIn maintains PCI DSS compliance for all Dejavoo terminals. Sensitive data is handled within a PCI/PTS-certified environment.


It works with your current POS system and does not require independent software vendors (ISVs) to complete a full certification to accept EMV payments, browser-based or VPN direct connect.

For Developers

Deliver Unique Semi-Integrated EMV Payment Solutions to Merchants

One integration for EMV, NFC, Gift, and Signature Capture

Deliver Unique Semi-Integrated EMV Payment Solutions to Merchants

SPIn provides a highly secure and versatile semi-integrated EMV solution that integrates payments and rapid go-to-market capabilities, eliminating the need for costly gateways. With our single integration, you can access our entire line of Dejavoo terminals, processor certifications, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and more.

The SPIn Solution:

  • iOS and Android libraries available, XML, JSON and REST API
  • Interfaces with DeNovo for transaction upload and reporting, customer service, digital receipt repository, risk management, and email batch notifications
  • Allows access to the Dejavoo terminal and on other Dejavoo payment applications
  • Updates your payment solutions to our host of terminal applications without writing a line of code

ISVs / Acquirers / ISOs

Cost-effective PCI and EMV Secure Option

Flexible Semi-Integrated EMV Solutions to Boost Revenue

Dejavoo offers complete deployment services, including remote key injection. Our team of experts helps you boost revenue using our robust sales programs, easy referrals, and exceptional technical support.


The SPIn Solution:

  • Quick and easy deployment
  • A POS conduit with any POS solution and any Dejavoo terminal
  • The ability to enable EMV payments that accept all credit card transactions in real-time
  • A bi-directional EMV/PCI exempt method to connect host and terminal for secure transactions
  • The elimination of file builds

What is SPIn designed for?

Integrated POS systems facilitate secure and efficient transaction processing in retail outlets, restaurants, and other establishments.

Restaurant management systems offering seamless integration of payment functionalities to enhance the dining experience and streamline operations.

Kiosks and self-service terminals providing secure payment processing capabilities for various applications.

Third-party payment solution providers aiming to integrate with Dejavoo terminals for secure and compliant transaction processing, expanding their service offerings to clients in need of semi-integrated EMV solutions.

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