Introduction Process

Step 1 Introduction:

A preliminary introduction video is here:

Step 2 Schedule Demo, Trainings or Hardware installations:

Please book this meeting after watching the above video, thank you for your business!

 you may schedule here:

To **schedule** either a demo/ training/ onboarding thru the same calendar link provided above. **For training and onboarding it is important to schedule 1 week ahead of time. **

Step 3 Submitting all paperwork:

If merchant is moving forward with DejapayPro you need to send the following paperwork to DejapayPro website for everything to be build and ready for the installation process:

  1. 1 Var sheet per terminal.
  2. Site Survey.
  3. Recurring payment form (ACH or CC). 

To be completed by either the ISO or Merchant we will charge whom ever completes the documents.

  1. Inventory /Menu (if we are setting it up) cost will range between $150.00-$250.00 based on items.

Note: Please submit all the filled in paperwork, terminal(s) varsheet’s if applicable, with their parameters as well as any menus to the provided link above.

Step 4 Ordering Hardware
  • Send email with the body of the email stating HARDWARE ORDER DejaPayPro to [email protected] and [email protected] 
  • Order QTY (#).
  • Terminal type/model.
  • What Type of shipment is required? 
    • Our standard delivery is UPS Ground.

 Please specify if pre-deployment is required or not, pre-deployment price is based on hardware’s price list schedule. (Pre-deployment is Username, Password, Software’s and TPN are required to be installed before shipping out and this could take a day more to ship). 

  • For example:


All documentation sent through the DejapayPro Website, I’m ordering the following equipment:

  1. Android O2 POS QTY (1)
  2. Cash Drawer QTY (1)
  3. Android QD2 QTY (3)
  4. Shipment: Regular UPS Ground

Please ship to: 1000 Ponce de Leon st San Juan, PR, 00999, and with pre-deployment.

Step 5 Subscriptions
  • Retail per month $29.95 (+ $5.00 if P model used).
  • Restaurant per month $39.95 (+ $5.00 if P model used).
  • $10 per month per additional device (if using DejaPayPro)
Please take into consideration at least 48 hours of wait times after submission for us to create the inventory.
Barcode Scanners, Receipt Printers & Kitchen Printers:
NOTE: These recommended Peripherals are not sold by iPOS/Dejavoo/DejapayPro!
Where to or how to get KITCHEN PRINTERS?
  • EPSON TM-U220
  • Star Micronics SP 700
  • Barcodes Inc, Discount CC Supply, Amazon, are a few places to search out the best pricing.
Receipt Printers
Receipt printer may depend of the POS you purchased. If you purchased an Android O2 tablet with Dejavoo the receipt printer is not necessary. Now if you purchased an iPad IOS then a receipt printer is needed either Bluetooth/LAN to connect to the software and make the Cash Drawer POP. Click the link below if needing to order.
Barcode Scanners
Here is a recommended barcode scanner in Amazon for reference click the link below: Netum Scan Barcode For iPad installs BLUETOOTH is the recommended connectivity method, we are testing some Epson and Star receipt printers, USB port compatibility but for now Bluetooth! Click on the link below: Netum Scan Portable