STATUS Update: System Initializing

STATUS Update: System Initializing


October 29th, 2020


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:

The following is an update to our previous announcement of sporadic, but non field recoverable, issue of terminals randomly freezing on “System Initializing.”

Recently, after we systematically pushed a routine BIN range update to TPNs, we experienced this error occur once again. This recent sequence of events, coupled with many engineering resources reviewing the error, has allowed us to narrow down the issue to what is now believed as an occurrence during the download process, potentially with temporary file remnants being left behind when the terminal extracts the files for download. A buildup of these “remnants” use terminal memory, and over time (and downloads) due to this additional memory being used, the software can no longer initialize the application.

We have been working closely with the Manufacturer, Castles Technology, to re-evaluate the process of a download and to implement a “memory clean” along with a “memory check” of available space prior to each download. In addition, we are changing the process to be a sequential download, so the terminal will download each file individually instead of having to unpackage a bundle of files, this will reduce and limit the amount of memory space needed and will also eliminate the remnants of any temp files.

As we work to resolve this issue, we have also disabled the auto update feature, as well as partial downloads to significantly reduce the number of occurrences that we are experiencing today while we work on implementing a long-term solution. After successful delivery of the solution we will re-enable auto updates.

The updated software will undergo rigorous QA testing early next week, with selective tests in production templates immediately following. When all testing has proven successful, we will coordinate with our customers before a general release which will be rolled out incrementally and introduced slowly to our install
base for good measure. We will continue to keep you updated on this important matter.

We appreciate your continued support and we will always work hard to bring you the most reliable and flexible software in today’s market. Servicing clients and end users is always Dejavoo System’s top priority and we want you to be assured that we are using every available resource to quickly identify and resolve the issue.

We will continue to work individually with any affected customers by providing free terminals and/or sending free replacements from our office, at the customer’s choice, as consideration for this temporary problem. If you experience a terminal(s) frozen at “System Initializing” please request an RMR from your Account
Executive and ship the unit(s) to our Repair Department for a SULD Memory reset. We will do our best to return the unit(s) to you quickly and there will be no cost associated with this repair regardless of the warranty period of the replaced product. Dejavoo Technical Support teams, Relationship Managers, Sales Executives and the Executive Team are available to assist anyone who may have questions.

Dejavoo Executive Team