D1 Android Register.

Perfect for busy restaurants and retail shops.

Features that keep
businesses moving

Merchant facing: 10.1”, 800*1280 with Touch Panel.

Customer facing: 4, 480*800 without Touch Panel.

Quad-Core @2.0 Ghz super fast processor.

2600mAH high capacity battery.

Ethernet, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB connectivity.

DejaPayPro is a compatible software solution.

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And now, a
word from
our customers.

Commonly asked questions.

Q. What is the purpose of having dual screens in D1?

A. A dual-screen setup serves two distinct purposes: one screen is designated for merchant-facing interactions, while the other is dedicated to consumer-facing interactions. 

Q. Can I integrate D1 with payment terminals?

A. Yes, through our semi-integration solution, SPIn, D1 can be seamlessly integrated with Dejavoo Payment Terminals.

Q. Can I add a barcode scanner to D1?

A. Yes, an additional barcode scanner can be integrated with D1. Please reach out to your Dejavoo sales representative or email [email protected] for more information.

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