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Not All Integrations Are Created Equal

SPIn is a cloud based integration tool available on all terminals, stand-alone and gateway solutions. For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), adding an integrated approach to payments in your software package is a game changer, delivering multiple business benefits, including increased ROI, improved customer retention and conversion rates not only for ISVs but for resellers, merchants, and end users as well. Ask yourself, what kind of support should you expect?


This turnkey API supports various interface options, including REST API, JSON, and XML protocols.


SPIn maintains PCI DSS compliance for all Dejavoo terminals. Sensitive data is handled within a PCI/DSS-certified environment.


DVSPIn does not require ISVs to complete a full certification to accept EMV payments, browser-based or VPN direct connect. With Dejavoo, your integrations take days not weeks.

For Developers

Turnkey API. One and done code. Fast and secure integration.
DVSPIn integration offers ISVs access to a range of features, including our full line of POS terminals and support for Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This semi-integrated solution is out of PCI scope for the ISV. Dejavoo maintains PCI compliance and all security protocols. This turnkey API supports various interface options including REST API, JSON, and XML protocols. Dejavoo is host platform agnostic with full EMV certifications with all the major processing platforms.

What is DVSPIn designed for?

Cost-effective PCI and EMV secure option
  • Integrated POS systems in retail shops and restaurants, facilitating secure and efficient transaction processing.
  • Restaurant management systems offer seamless integration of payments to streamline operations.
  • Kiosks and self-service terminals, providing secure payment processing capabilities for various applications.  
  • Third-party payment solution providers to expand their service offerings to clients in need of semi-integrated EMV solutions.

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