It’s more than a business tool,

it’s your cloud-based superpower.

Tired of working round the clock?

DeNovo saves you time and time is money.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, DeNovo’s business management system empowers busy retail shops and restaurants with a secure cloud-based platform for real-time data access, streamlined workflows, and faster checkouts.

Manage your business in the cloud.

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere.

This comprehensive cloud-based business management toolkit is available on Dejavoo’s Z line of Linux terminals and the Android QD terminal line. DeNovo scales easily as your business grows, offering affordable pricing and enhanced security. Access DeNovo anytime, anywhere via the web, and let it handle routine tasks so you can focus on growing your business.

Stand out features.

Save time and save money with DeNovo.

Automatic Updates

DeNovo notifies you when an update is available, and your Dejavoo payment device automatically downloads the latest software, eliminating the need for manual updates.

Batch Notification

Even when you're away from your business, your Dejavoo payment device automatically sends you an email confirming your settlement and a summary of transactions. Log in to DeNovo for fast and secure access to full batch and transaction data performed on Aura.

Call Me

Save time by sending a Call Me request through your Dejavoo payment device or mobile phone/computer to have a representative call you instead of waiting on hold for the help desk.

Go Green

Digital receipts are the way forward for today’s business owners. They are secure, always available, a great marketing tool and a money saver.

Save money and protect the environment.

GO Green digital receipts are the way to go.

Did you know that in the U.S. alone, it takes 10 million trees, 250 million gallons of oil, and 1 billion gallons of water to manufacture paper receipts for one year? That’s the environmental impact. With the iPOSpays GO Green feature, you can help break the cycle of waste and do your part to save the environment. 

Forget about running out of paper or losing paper receipts. Digital receipts are always available. Your merchants can easily send e-receipts to their customers via text or email. They can also send mini-receipts, which reduce paper usage by 50%. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the iPOSpays GO Green e-receipt feature also provides convenience for your merchants’ customers. With e-receipts, they no longer have to worry about losing their paper receipts, and they can easily access their purchase history anytime, anywhere. 


  • Eco-friendly
  • Eliminate paper costs
  • Easily retrieve receipts
  • Mobile receipt access
  • Text message receipts

Compatible hardware.

Z Line Linux Terminals
  • Z6 PIN pad
  • Z8 countertop
  • Z9 wireless
  • Z11 countertop
QD Line Android Terminals
  • QD1 wireless
  • QD2 wireless
  • QD3 PIN pad
  • QD4 countertop
  • QD5 PIN pad

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