It’s more than a payment gateway,

it’s your business moving at the speed of light.

Omni-commerce wonder-tools that grow your business.

iPOSpays is an all-in-one omni-commerce gateway platform that simplifies payment processing for businesses of all sizes (especially in cases where the card is not present). With powerful features like True Cash Discount and QuickBooks integration, iPOSpays helps you reduce costs and boost profitability.

Catering to retail, restaurant, and e-commerce merchants, iPOSpays offers flexible, scalable solutions that enhance payment processing and portfolio management. Trust iPOSpays for transparent, secure, and efficient payment processing.

iPOSpays also offers a range of alternative payment methods that utilize today’s cutting-edge payment technology, including: Buy Now Pay Later, Crypto Currency, Account to Account Transfer and Mobile Wallet.

It’s a sales rush with every feature.

Dejavoo’s payment programs.

Two ways we can save you money.

Dual Pricing

Cash or credit. Let your customers decide. Allow them to take advantage of discounts based on their payment choices. Save money on processing fees by offering your customers a discount for paying with cash.
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True Cash Discount

Customers who choose to use their debit card can benefit from same as cash pricing. This flexibility can help attract more customers, gain a competitive edge, and increase sales.
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