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A full suite of products,
designed around you.

At Dejavoo, we are on a mission to help small business owners work smart, faster, and more profitably. 

We know you. We get you. And we work to create tools, tailor-made to meet your unique needs.

In-person payments

Payment software on your terminal.

Tried-and-true technology that’s a building block of your business.

Aura software offers simple navigation and seamless transactions. It is available for Linux (Aura Vega), Android wireless (Aura Android—DVPay), and countertop terminals, including Dejavoo’s Z and QD lines. 

DVPayLite, powered by iPOSpays gateway technology, provides an outstanding solution to help merchants grow. With features like Dual Pricing, QuickBooks integration, tip adjust, customer reviews on checkout, and L2/L3 auto-filling, DVPay Lite complements your merchant’s Dejavoo EMV secure device (QD and P terminal lines), enabling card acceptance in-store and on the go.

Payment gateway platform.

True omnicommerce solution that streamlines the payment process providing a simple, smart and intuitive solution in one convenient place. Includes tap to pay and all of the must-have retail and restaurant features that save time and boost your business.

Payment software on your mobile phone.

Accept payments anywhere. No hardware needed.

Developers’ toolkit

Secure payment integration
Turnkey API. One-and-done code. DVSPIn offers ISVs features including our POS terminals, Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

Essential cloud-based business tools

DeNovo Business Management
We know your time is valuable, so we designed DeNovo to handle the routine tasks for you. With DeNovo, you can focus on your business or maybe knock off a little early every now and then.

Dejavoo’s payment programs.

Two ways we can save you money.

Dual Pricing

Cash or credit. Let your customers decide. Allow them to take advantage of discounts based on their payment choices. Save money on processing fees by offering your customers a discount for paying with cash.
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True Cash Discount

Customers who choose to use their debit card can benefit from same as cash pricing. This flexibility can help attract more customers, gain a competitive edge, and increase sales.
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