It's not another payment type.

It's a miracle in your mobile phone.

Accept fast, secure and convenient payments on your mobile phone.

Tap to pay transactions will grow by over 150% by 2028.

Tap to Pay on Android enables businesses to accept in-person, contactless payments directly on compatible NFC-enabled Android phones and tablets. It’s useful for any business that wants to process in-person payments without using external hardware.

No terminals, no paper.

Transform your NFC-enabled Android phone into a payment device.

Today, your customers need simpler, easier, and more accessible ways of accepting payments. Payment innovations have developed rapidly as customers demand a touchless, cashless experience. Tap-to-pay technology is simple when deploying Dejavoo’s iPOSgo! app. Just open the app and enter the sale amount. The customer taps to pay, and the sale is completed with a receipt sent via SMS. Additionally, the iPOSgo! app allows for the manual input of transactions.

Accept all payment types.

Tap to Pay also accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay Mobile Wallets, Buy Now Pay Later and Cryptocurrency. Dejavoo’s Tap-to-Pay technology seamlessly converts your Android phone equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, into a POS device no hardware needed.

Benefits that will boost your business.

Consider the new markets that are open to you – seasonal merchants, like fireworks stands, farmers’ markets, and art shows. Mobile merchants like food trucks, plumbers, and lawn services. The options are endless. So are the benefits:

Higher ROI

Lower operating costs Eliminate downtime

Increased Security

EMV, PCI – CPOC certified. Safe and secure contactless payments.

Lower chargebacks

Minimize risk. Contactless EMV offers chargeback protection.

Cut interchange rates

Keep more money in your pocket. Contactless EMV transactions qualify for lower interchange.

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