It’s more than a POS.

It’s a powerhouse of payment possibilities.

Consider the possibilities with DejaPayPro Cloud POS software.

DejaPayPro is perfect for busy retail shops and quick-serve restaurants that require a fast-paced, affordable, easy-to-use system with little set-up and virtually no downtime. 

DejaPayPro integrates with Android and iOS registers, tablets, and Dejavoo terminals. DejaPayPro’s features, coupled with the DeNovo Cloud Business Management System, offer merchants a hassle-free experience at the checkout counter.

DejaPayPro’s customized payment options, including EMV- certified payments, digital wallets, and contactless cards, are all supported for curbside payments with secure card present rates.

DejaPayPro has all the features you want in one solution.

Retail features
  • Smart and affordable.
  • All-in-One mobile or desktop device.
  • Combine any number of registers/terminals combination.
  • Supports SKUs, Bluetooth barcode scanners, and scales.
Restaurant features
  • Fast and secure.
  • Advanced, powerful, and feature-rich.
  • Use various tablets, vertically or horizontally.
  • Use robust Dejavoo Android registers with any Dejavoo terminal.
Money-saving features
  • Dejavoo hosts and supports your customers.
  • Dejavoo services the payment application.
  • Dejavoo maintains and enhances the programs.
  • Detailed reporting on terminal and transaction performance.

Compatible hardware

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