STATUS Update: System Initializing

STATUS Update: System Initializing


November 20, 2020


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:

The following is an update to our previous announcement of sporadic, but non field recoverable, issue of terminals randomly freezing on “System Initializing.”

We continue to work closely with the Manufacturer, Castles Technology, with the anticipation to complete a new download sequence with added safeguards including, cleaning temporary files and allocated memory before applying software updates. We believe this will substantially reduce and potentially eliminate the
majority of terminals freezing on system initializing at the booting stage.

Within the next (2) weeks we also expect to introduce a new remote SULD sequence, now confirmed by Castles as feasible. This utility will eliminate the need for shipping your affected units to NY for service. With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, we will limit our live testing to small production samples in coordination with identified cooperating clients, as to not impact the high retail volume associated with the holiday weekend.

We anticipate that by early December we can substantially reduce and potentially eliminate the severity of the issue and any residual cases can be handle remotely.

Our logistics department and service departments will continue to assist Dejavoo clients with terminal, reprograms and deployment as we had been doing since the problem started. Dejavoo Relationship Managers, Sales Executives and the Executive Team are available to assist anyone who may have questions.

We greatly and sincerely appreciate your patience and support in our time of difficulty and challenge.

Dejavoo Executive Team