STATUS Update: System Initializing

STATUS Update: System Initializing


December 11, 2020


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:

The following is an update to our previous announcements regarding “System Initializing.”

The Dejavoo global engineering teams in coordination with Castles engineering teams were able to
successfully test a new download procedure that not only improves the integrity of the download but also
includes a firmware program (provided by Castles). The firmware program cleans up and reorganizes the
terminal memory before loading new updated software (provided by Dejavoo). The full process adds just a
few minutes to the first load to existing terminals and will not need to be repeated in subsequent loads. This
new process is managed by our software and our download system, it does not impact the steps of how to
perform a download, therefore it is seamless to the installer.

During this short process, the terminal Flash memory will be defragmented, reorganized and verified for any
unusable data sectors to be avoided in the normal operation of the terminal.

We believe this new loading procedure and Flash memory reorganization will substantially reduce, and with
a high degree of confidence, eliminate any and all terminals freezing at the booting stage.

We anticipate to begin loading terminals with this newly developed process next week. Over the next few
weeks we will gradually increase the amount of loads as we verify there are no reported issues arising from
it. Your continued cooperation with us is critical and we will coordinate with you and your team(s) as your
terminals will be loaded.

Our logistics department and service departments will continue to support your help desks. Please call us if
any special challenges arise. We are at your service.

Sincerely and Gratefully,
Dejavoo Systems Executive Team