STATUS Update: System Initializing

STATUS Update: System Initializing


December 31, 2020


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:

The following is an update to our previous announcements regarding “System Initializing.”
We are happy to announce that the new firmware program that cleans up and reorganizes the terminal
memory before loading new updated software (provided by Dejavoo) is now ready for a gradual field
release. The “Patch” download process adds just 2 minutes to a full load, will be launched ONCE ONLY to
any and all existing terminals and will not need to be repeated in subsequent loads.

During this short process, the terminal Flash memory will be defragmented, reorganized and verified for any
unusable data sectors to be avoided in the normal operation of the terminal. The remaining (normal) load will
take about 8 minutes (via Ethernet and/or wifi). Z9’s should be brought into Wi-Fi coverage to enable a smooth
load and avoid data charges.

The Patch download process was carefully tested on all Z products and confirmed to be effective and
harmless. In rare instances, it may not complete the booting, however, a power cycle of the terminal, usually
and so far in our testing always completed it successfully.

We are enabling the new loads through the Automatic Update feature of STEAM. Starting next week, we will
gradually bring the feature back to operation. We will do it gradually and carefully and verify that there are no
surprises before we will release it across all templates for all companies.

This process does not impact the steps of how to perform a download, therefore it is seamless to the installer.

We believe this new loading procedure and Flash memory reorganization will substantially reduce,
and with a high degree of confidence, eliminate, any and all terminals freezing at the booting stage.

Our logistics department and service departments will continue to support your help desks. Please call us if
any special challenges arise. We are at your service.

Further, announcements regarding the rollout of this solution will follow, after our next week field results.

We are grateful for your infinite patience on this issue.

Happy New Year


Dejavoo Systems Executive Team