STATUS Update: System Initializing


January 16th, 2021


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:

The following is an update to our previous announcements regarding “System Initializing.”

First and foremost:

The current unlocked Dejavoo software versions (“20191205” and “20200915”) loaded to new or existing
terminals, since August 2020 do not cause the initialization freeze. Subsequently, Dejavoo has also patched
all locked templates to the latest software.

Terminals originally loaded with 12.05.19 unpatched software version may still be affected. After several
weeks of intense testing in our offices, as well as in production, Dejavoo is releasing our latest software with
the same name as the software model AND will be adding the SULD to it to include a one-time flash memory
defragmentation or the “SULD” patch, as well as updating all TPNs to the latest “patched” application version.

In STEAM you will notice your software models will be changing from “V3CoreF w CrDb_20191205” to
“V3CoreF w CrDb_SULD20191205”. Please review your STEAM templates profiles as they are being

As a reminder, the SULD is done one time. During this process critical data such as encryption keys, TPN
and communication parameters are retained, therefore upon completion the terminal will be completely

The SULD takes approximately 2 minutes, it is performed exclusively to Wi-Fi / Ethernet terminals and Pin
Pads and It’s not currently available for Dial and GPRS terminals.

The “Auto Update” which is halted now, usually performed after settlements or in the early AM hours, will be
seamless to merchants. Should the process not complete in a single load, it can be resumed manually by
initiating a partial download. The terminal will provide support instructions on the display. In rare cases, should
the process fail to defragment the Flash memory and the terminal freezes, it will require replacement.
We will slowly increment the number of updated terminals daily. We expect to fully restore Auto Update
functionality in 10 -14 days.

Our logistics and service departments will continue to support your help desks and merchants. Please call us
if any special challenges arise. We are at your service.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.


Dejavoo Executive Team