STATUS Update: System Initializing



February 26th, 2021


Dear Valued Dejavoo Customer:
This week, we have released the latest software patches on both Legacy and Aura user interfaces. We
believe we have optimized it as it relates to the “system initializing” freeze issue. Included with this release
are many awaited improvements and upgrades. After weeks of corrective downloads, we are confident to be
able to prevent the freeze using our new software.

Terminals that have been selected to receive the update will check in after the batch in accordance your
pre-set terminals update schedule. In some cases, terminals may require merchants to finish the update by
pressing the OK key, if the terminal does not display the idle prompt. This is perfectly normal, and the
terminal took the update, the boot up process just did not complete, therefore pressing the OK will return the
terminal to the idle prompt main screen.

We have now determined that the majority of the time, the terminals memory condition is intact. Therefore,
we decided to selectively use a conditional SULD. Should we do so, terminals will load a special program
to the RAM memory, scan the Flash memory 3 times (30 seconds each time) and if potential faults are
found, commence the SULD process. (2 more minutes). Thereafter, continue with loading the latest
software as above. Our statistics show that less then 1% may need the SULD process. Nonetheless, if
done, SULD will be performed only once, critical data such as encryption keys, TPN and communication
parameters are retained and reinstalled as part of the update.

We have re-enabled auto update and partial downloads for software models that were not affected by this
issue, with certain load balancing filters to carefully monitor templates and companies. We are increasing
the number of loads daily.

Finally, for your information and perspective – all software versions released since August and September
2020 continue to prove immunity to the “system initializing” freeze. We have successfully deployed well over
50,000 terminals to the market since August 2020 and none of these terminal reported the issue.

We greatly thank you for your trust and loyalty. We will always strive for the most advance terminal payment
software solution and the best support and service level of the industry.

Dejavoo Executive Team