Correction to Jasper SIM Card Deactivation Date



Announcement date: November 29th 2021.

The termination date of the Jasper Prepaid SIMs has been advanced to DECEMBER 20th, 2021 and NOT December 31st, 2021 (as previously announced). This highlights the urgency to replace all Jasper SIM cards with a 4G SIM card by the deadline of December 20th, 2021 in order to avoid interruption of services.

For merchants that are using Dejavoo’s 3G device please contact your sales representative to purchase a 4G enabled device, including our new Android QD line (see below).

URGENT ACTION REQUIRED BY December 20th, 2021:

Any Dejavoo terminal using the Jasper Prepaid SIM cards purchased from Dejavoo will need a new 4G SIM card replacement to avoid deactivation. Being proactive will ensure no disruption in processing wirelessly come December 20th, 2021. Plan ahead for peace of mind. We offer month to month SIM plans through Verizon and AT&T, you can purchase these SIM cards from your Dejavoo Account Executive and activate them by registering and logging into our new SIM management portal,

To learn more about the Dejavoo Month to Month 4G SIM subscriptions click here. Learn More…

In addition to upgrading to a 4G SIM card and due to the sunsetting of 3G by the wireless carriers, merchants using a Z9 3G terminal, identified by the serial number beginning with 1179XXX, will need to upgrade their hardware, comparable models are the Z9 4G or the new Dejavoo Android QD2 4G.

Any merchant using a Z1 3G device will need to upgrade their hardware to a 4G hardware and upgrade to a 4G SIM, Z1 is not offered in a 4G model however comparable 4G options are Z9 4G as well as the new Android QD3 4G MPOS.


Q: What happens if I don’t upgrade the merchant’s SIM card from the Jasper prepaid 3G SIM to a new 4G SIM card by 12/20/21?
A: The prepaid SIM purchased from Dejavoo will be deactivated on 12/20/21 and the merchant will receive a comm error when trying to process transactions via GPRS resulting in an urgency to ship them a new 4G SIM card.

Q: How do I purchase 4G SIM cards from Dejavoo Systems?
A: Contact your Dejavoo Sales Executive or email [email protected]

Q: Does Dejavoo have 4G SIM cards in inventory?
A: Yes, there is inventory, however we do not recommend waiting until the last minute to coordinate your SIM replacements needs.

Q: Does this impact my merchants using WiFi?
A: No, merchants using WiFi only to process transactions will not be impacted or need a SIM card to continue processing over their WiFi connection.

Q: Does Dejavoo have inventory of Z9 4G terminals?
A: Due to the Global Electronic Component shortage, we do not currently have a shipping schedule of Z9 4G inventory from the factory, however
the best way to secure units is to place your order with your sales
executive or through distribution channels. Once inventory is received we fill
back orders in the order in which they are received. Talk to your Dejavoo Sales Executive about the Android QD2 4G Wireless as a viable wireless option.

Q: How do I know how many merchants I have using a 3G Z9?
A: In STEAM, under the REPORT menu, pull and export a report of “hardware type: Z9”. Once exported you can then sort the spreadsheet by Serial Number, all Z9 SN’s beginning 1179XX are 3G models and will need to be upgraded to a 4G replacement.

Q: Are the Android devices available to purchase?
A: The Dejavoo Android Line is currently available and in live production. To learn more about Dejavoo’s new Android Line of terminal products, click here.

We urge that you plan accordingly to upgrade merchants using prepaid 3G Jasper SIM cards and Z9/Z1 3G hardware to 4G. Contact your Dejavoo Sales Executive for more information and assistance.

We will continue to provide quality support in a frequently changing world of technology. We value your business.


The Dejavoo Executive Team