Price Increase Notification

Supply Chain Impact


Dear Valued Customer,

As an update to our previous announcement dated July 8th 2021, the impact of the global electronic component shortage, due to the supply
chain challenges, as well as higher transportation costs, has increased the overall cost of our terminals. As with all manufacturers, the three
Dejavoo terminals manufacturers have reported mounting components costs and raised their prices. At this time this message only pertains to
Castles Technology, the manufacturer of the Dejavoo Z Line of terminals. Castles Technology, has increased it prices, Dejavoo must pass this
increase to our customers. As the supply chain improves, we expect Castles to resume previous prices, which we will reflect in our market

The price increases will go into effect for all orders SHIPPED on or after February 1, 2022, regardless of when the order was placed. The table
below shows the increase per terminal based off of current prices.


Product Increase February 2022
Z8 WIFI – No Modem $11.56
Z8 WIFI – With Modem $11.56
Z11 WIFI – 256MB – No Modem $13.18
Z11 WIFI – 256 MB – With Modem $13.18
Z3 $13.06
Z6 $10.08
Z9 WIFI $13.04
Z9 Wi-Fi/4G $16.40


We apologize for the short notice. But buying more expensive components in this market is a decision we had to take “on the spot” while
some missing components became available. Even at a slightly higher price. Dejavoo continues to have on-going discussions with the Castles
team to effectively manage this impact to the supply chain. Castles continues to assure us that they are doing everything possible to minimize
the amount of time that this increase will be in effect and will reduce our prices back to normal as soon as possible, when this happens, we will
pass the decrease back to our valued customers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise you that in addition to the Z line of terminals (manufactured by Castes) we currently offer
our QD Line of Android terminals. In January 2022 we will be introducing a second line of Android terminals, the P Line, a lower cost Android
line. For more information about our full offering of hardware and payment solutions, please contact your Dejavoo Sales Executive.
To receive a full updated price list for your organization please reach out to your Dejavoo Account Executive directly for assistance.


Joe Casella
President, Dejavoo