Dejavoo Implements Cost-Saving L2 and L3 Autofill Data Feature

Dejavoo Implements Cost-Saving L2 and L3 Autofill Data Feature.

L2 and L3 processing provide significant cost savings for merchants by lowering interchange rates.
Dejavoo is pleased to announce the implementation of L2 and L3 auto-filling data enrichment across all transactions
performed on Dejavoo payment terminals powered by our iPOSpays Gateway. This initiative aims to benefit merchants by
lowering the interchange costs associated with each transaction.

How the Auto-Filling feature works

Many merchants don’t know how to reduce interchange processing fees and end up paying
much more than they should. Dejavoo’s intelligent auto-filling feature is automatic, allowing
merchants to qualify for discounted interchange rates without cumbersome manual data
entry. Auto-filing is an Omni-commerce feature, covering all card-present transactions
completed on stand-alone iPOSpays gateway-powered Dejavoo terminals. This feature works
across all channels including e-commerce, itemized billing, send payment links, and virtual
terminal transactions.

Significant Cost Savings ISOs and Merchants.

ISO and merchants can save up to 80 basis points in interchange cost with Dejavoo’s autofilling feature. If you have B2B and B2G merchants, auto dealers, and restaurants in your
portfolio about 20% of their transactions will qualify for significant cost savings.