Merchants Unlock the Benefits of Paya ACH on Dejavoo’s Cloud POS Gateway

Dejavoo, an iPOS Systems company and a major international payment solution provider, today announced the successful integration of Paya ACH.

Paya ACH will now be available on Dejavoo’s omni-commerce payment gateway. With this integration, merchants can process ACH transactions for all customer-not-present transactions, including Dejavoo’s virtual terminal, send payment link option, and hosted payment page.

Chris Brundage, VP of Paya ACH, says this integration demonstrates the success of the long partnership between Paya and Dejavoo. “The Dejavoo integration is already proving to be rewarding for our sales partners and their merchants. ACH continues to be a preferred form of payment for consumers and businesses.”

Mony Zenou, Founder and CEO of Dejavoo, an iPOS Systems company, spoke of the importance of this integration. “We are unwavering in our commitment to provide ‘Freedom of Choice’ for payment options to both merchants and their valued customers. By introducing Paya ACH on our gateway as a viable payment method across eCommerce, MOTO, and send payment link transactions, merchants can now offer a fully compliant dual pricing model that empowers their customers.”

With Dejavoo’s patent-pending ‘True Cash Discount’ solution, merchants can seamlessly price all their products for card transactions while the system accurately calculates the cash discount at the point of payment collection, with the cash price collected via ACH.

In addition, this integration with Paya adds an extra layer of validation, which can be activated for select customer segments, providing secure authentication of account holders using the last 4 digits of their SSN, driver’s license number, issuing state, and address. This innovation grants merchants peace of mind, as they no longer need to worry about fraud when collecting ACH payments.

About Dejavoo, an iPOS Systems Company
Founded in 2006, Dejavoo recognized a need in the payments industry for secure, affordable hardware and software payment solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our family of terminals, payment services, and software provides ISOs and ISVs with leading-edge solutions while maintaining affordability and first-class customer support. Our solutions include the Dejavoo line of terminals, cloud POS solutions, semi-integrated EMV payments, and the gateway.

About Paya
Paya (NASDAQ: PAYA) is a leading provider of integrated payment and frictionless commerce solutions that help customers accept and make payments, expedite the receipt of money, and increase operating efficiencies. The company processes over $35 billion of annual payment volume across credit/debit cards, ACH, and checks, making it a top 20 provider of payment processing in the US.

Paya serves more than 100,000 customers through over 2,000 key distribution partners focused on targeted, high-growth verticals such as healthcare, education, non-profit, government, utilities, and other B2B end markets. The business has built its foundation on offering robust integrations into front-end CRM and back-end accounting systems to enhance customer experience and workflow.