Enhancing SPin Terminal Management


SPIn (Secured Payment Integration) terminals play a crucial role in the seamless processing of payments within various business environments. Developed by Dejavoo, these terminals offer a secure and efficient solution for payment integration. On January 3rd, 2024, an incident prompted the need for improvements in managing SPIn terminals, leading to the implementation of enhanced features and functionalities.


SPIn terminals serve as a vital component in modern payment ecosystems, facilitating transactions and ensuring data security. Despite their importance, managing these terminals efficiently posed challenges, particularly in maintaining visibility and control over terminal connections. The need for enhanced management capabilities became apparent, prompting efforts to address these issues effectively.

Problem Statement:

On January 3rd, 2024, an issue arose where SPIn terminals were not functioning as expected, causing disruptions in payment processing operations. This highlighted the critical need for improved management and oversight of SPIn terminal connections. Timely resolution of the issue was imperative to minimize the impact on merchants and ensure uninterrupted payment processing services.

Solution Overview:

To address the challenges faced in managing SPIn terminals, Dejavoo implemented enhancements aimed at providing greater transparency and control over terminal connections. This included the introduction of three new fields within the SPIn Proxy terminals list and terminal details page:

Merchant Information: Providing links to DeNovo merchant profiles and gateway merchant names for improved identification.

Paired Connection Status: Indicating the status of terminal connections, with ‘Enabled’ for normal operation and ‘Disabled’ for instances such as terminal inactivity or duplicate TPN usage.

Authorization Status: Reflecting the authorization status of merchants, with ‘Enabled’ indicating active status and ‘Disabled’ for deactivated merchants.

These additional data fields empowered administrators and support users with comprehensive insights into SPIn terminal connections, enabling them to make informed decisions and take necessary actions.


The implementation of these enhancements involved software updates and configuration changes to integrate the new data fields seamlessly into the SPIn terminal management system. Roles were defined to ensure appropriate access and permissions, with Admin and Support users granted the ability to enable or disable terminal connections, while Merchants and Managers were provided with visibility into connection statuses without the ability to modify them.


Following the implementation of the solution, significant improvements were observed in the management of SPIn terminals. Enhanced visibility into terminal connections allowed for better monitoring and control, reducing the likelihood of disruptions in payment processing operations. Administrators and support personnel could now efficiently manage terminal activations and authorizations, ensuring smooth and secure payment transactions for merchants and customers alike.


The case study highlights the importance of proactive measures in addressing technical challenges within payment processing systems. By implementing enhancements to SPIn terminal management, Dejavoo demonstrated its commitment to delivering reliable and efficient payment solutions. Moving forward, continued efforts in maintaining and optimizing SPIn terminal management will be essential to meet the evolving needs of merchants and ensure seamless payment experiences.


Additional technical documentation and details related to the implemented enhancements are available upon request.

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